5 ways to anger spirits and make them your adversaries

When choosing to work with any spirit (including the ones residing in others) it is important t;hat you act ethically and respectfully. Failure to do so can have severe and long term consequences. An offended spirit has many options beyond attacking your mind and/or body to exact vengeance. For instance, they can dog your every step and continually derail you at every turn. making it impossible for you to find peace. In addition, they can shred your reputation among  other spirits, making it difficult to another that is willing to trust or aid you.

In this video I share five of the stupidest actions you can take if you want your fellow spirits to help you achieve your ends.

I share these things because I don’t want you to foolishly exile yourself from the goodwill of spirits. After all, You need their aid to learn, grow and evolve.


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