Don’t let the paper impress you

Not sure when the majority began to equate a degree or certificate with proficiency but whenever it was, it was a dark day.  I’m not against them, I possess both, but I know from experience that neither prove anything, except the number of hours I’ve invested in exploring my chosen fields.

Earning paper does require dedication to research and the acquisition of a fair amount of knowledge.  However, these are nothing without passion and the capability of getting tangible results that benefit the world, two things not all paper holders can claim to have.

I think it a grave mistake to put our lives (mental, spiritual, or physical) in anyone’s hands until we test his or her metal and ensure there’s a resonance throughout our being.  Our lives are simply too precious.

Many of the people recognised for spectacular achievements (both past and present) were self educated and held no official qualifications.  They just joyfully lived their truth.  Think priestesses/priests, inventors, wise women/men, a variety of healers, sages and gurus.

In my opinion, on the rare occasions we find ourselves in a predicament in which self healing is impossible for one reason or another, we owe it to ourselves to find the person that can get us the best results, whether we’ve used him or her before or not.  This may require extra time and effort on our part, but it’s worth it.



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