Goddess Rising

Goddess Rising invites you to reconnect to the Divine Feminine by introducing you to 52 different goddesses from around the world. These goddesses come from a wide range of cultures, and each has something unique to offer. Take, for example, Egyptian goddess Isis, who can introduce you to the magic of the universe, or Slavic Baba Yaga, who is waiting for you to take a risk and find her in the depths of the forest. Inanna, with her descent to the underworld, shows you strength, while Lakshmi brings abundance. Remember your passions with Hawaiian Pele, and face your fears with demon-destroying Kali. By reconnecting with the goddesses of old, you can tap into a power that has been hidden from you for far too long.

As you learn about the stories of the goddesses, you will begin to understand how the gifts of the Divine Feminine can be relevant in your own life. You may find yourself gaining a deeper understanding of who you are, developing more confidence in pursuing a life of greater meaning, connecting with the cycles of nature, and even finding a patron goddess to guide you along the way. All of these things can help bring a deeper level of satisfaction and contentment to your life.