Thank you 2020

Hello Traveller,

Tonight 2020 ends. Many are saying good riddance to it and that they’re glad to see its end. Admittedly, it has been a challenging year in many ways. Covid has taken away our comfort zones, killed hundreds of thousands and caused us to face our own mortality eye to eye. I lost both my father-in-law and one of my brothers-in-law and like you, I’ve been living in the various stages of the imposed lock down (with all the restrictions that are kit and parcel). This isn’t at all what I imagined my life would be like.

That being said, I don’t believe anyone’s life is as they fancied it would be. Ironically, that’s what makes life worth living. We would quickly find ourselves bored and apathetic if everything happened just as we planned or thought it should. The curve balls that life throws at us challenge us to grow, learn, reach out to others, and to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Losing sight of this causes us to wallow in self pity and fear, making us thankless and pathetic victims rather than the victors we were born to be.

To counter this, I’m challenging you to sit down with me before the New Year begins to remember and focus on all the blessings that took place in 2020. In doing this, you’ll be honouring a worthy spirit (2020) as well as acknowledging that life simply is. How you understand, feel about, and respond to it is based upon your focus.

I sincerely hope you will join me in honouring 2020 before welcoming in 2021.

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