EFT Tapping Guide

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping as it’s often called is an easy-to-learn and effective approach to releasing energetic disturbances in the body.  These ‘disruptions’ can present themselves as limiting beliefs, emotional pain, stored trauma and even physical discomfort.  Our guide to EFT Tapping tells you everything you need to know to begin tapping today.  

There is nothing to buy and nothing complicated to learn.  It’s our go-to form of therapy and we’re excited to share it with you.   

Healing the Temple of the Heart

If you’re experiencing pain – mental, physical, or emotional – then it’s tempting to numb the experience.  But this doesn’t release the energetic disturbance.  The pain becomes stored like frozen chains around the heart and subconsciously, you’ll navigate life by avoiding any triggers that might bring the pain into your consciousness.  This brief guide to Healing the Temple of the Heart encourages you to breathe into discomfort so you can begin to learn from and heal the pain you carry inside.

Guided Meditation: Journey to the Inner World

Find peace and inner connection with this free guided meditation.  This relaxing, 16-minute Mp3 takes you on an inner journey to the sacred space of your being.  You’ll find a place that is beyond time and beyond your experiences so you can reconnect with the very essence of who you are.

Rite of the Womb: Energy Transmission

Everything you need to take the Rite of the Womb energy transmission is in our free PDF.  There’s also a link to a video that guides you through receiving the rite.

This Rite is for anyone (not only women) who want to clear pain or suffering held in the womb space or sacral area.  It is a Rite to nurture so that creation can once again spring forth in its many guises.

Litha Workbook: Embracing the Fire Within

This summer solstice workbook is packed with ideas and inspiration on how to celebrate Litha, the pagan midsummer festival.  It includes rituals, recipes, history, crafts and journal prompts.