Never was a garden centre so beautiful

Hello Traveller,

Even as a child, I’ve always loved garden centres. All the beautiful colours of the various flowers excited my imagination and took my breath away. I could wander in these wonderful, sacred places for hours on end just savouring the scents.

Today my passion for garden centres elevated to new heights. After a year in lock down, I finally was able to visit one. Through the sweaty filter of my black mask, I could smell the fragrances that were until that moment only beautiful memories.

I can’t even begin to tell you the joy that flooded my heart as I connected once again with all the flower spirits I had missed so much. Lyn, Tabby, and I spent two amazing hours selecting the perfect flowers and pots to complement our front and back gardens. We chose to start small until we purchase an outside dining table and chairs. Once we’ve placed them, we’ll purchase even more plants and some wind chimes so we can enjoy the peace and harmony of our beautiful land.

From the second we purchased them, the primroses and pansies began to work their magic. Tabby was so excited that she volunteered to hold them on her lap on the way home. Once they crossed the threshold of our home, there was so much excitement to plant them that there was barely time for lunch.

Our house spirit, Rosslyn, absolutely adores them. To show her appreciation, she’s added an additional layer to the peacefulness that pervades our home.

Our minister warns that we may go back to lock down restrictions after the summer passes. Once again, it’s likely that I’ll be banned from visiting garden centres and I’ll have to carry memories¬† until the Covid spirit can be negotiated with to relinquish its hold on this world.

Never was a garden centre so beautiful.


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