How to use the major arcana as a life reference

The first 22 cards in a tarot deck are called the major arcana. Sequentially, they bring to light all the experiences that every individual will encounter within their life time. Although this path has been called many things over the years, its traditional name is ‘The Fool’s Journey’.

What you may not know, because it’s seldom explained, is that The Fool’s Journey is not a map of your life journey but a reference. You see, no two journeys are identical. Everyone walks a unique path. We all start in the same place and ultimately end in the same place, and that is where the similarities stop. Everything in between the beginning and end is uncharted territory that each person must discover and interact with during the course of their life.

What this means, in terms of The Fool’s Journey, is that your life path will not necessarily follow its sequential order. You’ll start by encountering the Fool but your next encounter may not be with the Magician but with the Tower instead. Not only will your life path not positively follow the sequence of the major arcana but based upon what you learn and how you use that knowledge, you might encounter the same type of experience multiple times.

By shuffling the major arcana and drawing a card you can determine which life experience you’re currently in. With this understanding, you can draw minor arcana cards to determine how you can get the best possible outcomes from that experience.

I suggest doing this at least once a year. In this manner you can keep abreast of the changing environment (sometimes the changes are so subtle that you might miss them) and tweak your life style to flow with the transformations. Although this exercise will not guarantee a carefree life. it will allow you to navigate it with as little distress as possible.




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