Basking in a car break down

Sunday night we set off to pick up Lyn’s son. The car was loaded with my favourite odds and sods, Tabitha’s dinner and most importantly, the new Harry Dresden book.  For once the weather seemed to be working with us. My spirit in charge of travelling safety was in the front seat next to me, admiring himself in the passenger mirror.

As we hit the motorway, I began to read Dresden aloud. Just as the four of us were getting into the plot, Lyn pointed to the temperature gauge. According to it, the heat was quickly rising. At first I laughed it off; the gauge has been difficult for some time and I figured it was up to its old tricks.

Unlike the last time, however, the gauge hit peak and didn’t show any sign of coming back down. Reluctantly, we pulled over. Carp made sure we found a spot not far from a couple of houses.  When I checked the water reserve it was dry. A charming woman from a nearby house gave us enough water to top the water up as well as an extra bottle to take along.

Optimistically, we took off again. Less than five minutes after we got back on the motorway, the gauge sky-rocketed again.  Once more Carp found us a safe off ramp and street to pull into. On seeing the tank was once again bone dry, it was clear our car wasn’t capable of going any further. We called road assistance for her and waited.

As we stood waiting for the roadside service, the spirits were so kind. They let us know we were watching and gave us signs of hope.

The first was a low flying hot air balloon that seemed to come from nowhere. It was gliding so near the ground we could hear the whoosh as the navigator increased the flame. The message to us was in the colour of the balloon, orange and yellow. the message was to stay positive because everything was under control.

The second was two lady bugs, one red and one black. They’re message was to focus on balancing the base chakras so that we wouldn’t panic about the cost. This was much needed, considering we’re just coming up with the money to repair the fence that was blown down several months ago.

The third was a single raven, my totem. He landed on a nearby fence and stayed long enough to make his presence known. When my totem does this, it is reminding me that Odin is watching and is aware of my plight.

Finally, a black cat with fabulous green eyes climbed onto a different fence. Unlike the raven she stayed to watch and protect. She was a spirit sent by one of my goddesses, Sekhmet.

Forty minutes later our car was loaded on a tow truck and we were driven safely home by an ex-military man that didn’t let a minute go by without a tale. I knew by his manner, his character and his ice blue eyes that he’d been sent by Odin.

I never stop being thankful for my spirit entourage. Without them, life would be so dull.

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