My passion

My ultimate passion is diversity. Billions of people in the world and no two alike. I’ve been fascinated by this since I was a child. When I wasn’t firing off a million questions that drove the recipient mad, I was watching reactions from the shadows.

As I watched, I’d predict how each individual would react to various situations. Over the years, I became quite good; I could guess correctly nine out of 10 times. However it was that one time, the one where someone did something imaginative and unexpected, I was the most interested in.

That’s when it hit me, people are unique so they should be responding uniquely more often than not.

I began to understand our uniqueness is buried under training from an early age. And that’s when I knew I wanted to spend my life teaching others how to break all that training, discover who they are and to use their gifts to heal the world.

It was years later before I discovered the best way for me to realise this dream was through teaching magick and Shamanism. It’s so beautiful to watch individuals connect with self and divinity, awaken as if from a dream and join the spirits to accomplish great things in love and power.

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