Wisdom of the Depths Tarot: It’s finished!

My tarot deck is finished!!  And, I finished on a Friday the thirteenth, which is always a lucky day for me.

It took me just under a year to create The Wisdom of the Depths tarot.  I had a creative lull in the middle when I just didn’t feel like creating anything so I didn’t.  To be honest, in the beginning, it felt like an impossible project to create 78 little pieces of artwork so I’m chuffed it only took a year.

Although I finished the cards on Friday, I spent the weekend going over them and recreating two cards.  The original cards for Judgement and The Moon have been replaced.

These were the original cards:

And here are the new versions:

I also designed the back of the cards.

I’ve enjoyed the process of creation (and being an artist – my inner child loves me so hard for this) and I’m already thinking about what project to do next.

But there’s still work to be done with The Wisdom of the Depths because I plan on running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a print run.  Creating the cards might actually be the easiest part as now comes working out finances (luckily I love a spreadsheet or two), and finding printers here in the UK (should receive a couple of quotes next week).

I also need to design the box for the deck.  I’d love to have a fancy magnetic box but it will bring the costs up drastically so the deck will probably be in a printed tuck box.

I’m mindful of the environmental impact of this project.  I need to get quotes for eco-friendly packaging and decide whether to print an accompanying book or to keep it digital.  It could be a lot cheaper to get the decks printed abroad but I would rather keep everything as local as I can.  Also, I’d like to have this ready by the end of the year and shipping from China takes about 2 months.

I need to update the Wisdom of the Depths tarot page on my website to include the rest of the cards along with the new version of those two major arcana.  Still, there’s a fair number of cards there – all the major arcana and about half of the minor – have a peek!

I’m not on social media much these days so if you’d like me to keep you informed about the deck, sign up for my newsletter.  It’s been a while since I posted there too (haha, no chance of me ever spamming you) but I’ll be getting back into the swing of writing soon (or maybe I won’t and it will just be sporadic newsletters).

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