Witch’s Pyramid and Its Link to the Cone of Power: A Fundamental Framework in Modern Witchcraft

Have you ever heard about the Witch’s Pyramid? If you’re interested in Wicca or witchcraft, it’s something that could really help you explore and broaden your magickkal practice. Originating before the birth of Wicca, this concept was first put forth by Eliphas Levi, a French occultist, in his books “Transcendental Magick: Its Doctrine and Ritual,” published in the mid-19th century. The Witch’s Pyramid serves as an essential guide for anyone delving into the world of magick, be it in traditional witchcraft or in more recent practices like Wicca.

Now, what exactly is this pyramid? The Witch’s Pyramid isn’t a real pyramid; instead, it’s a set of principles, a type of philosophy used in magick. These principles are often called the Four Words of the Magus, which are: To Know, To Dare, To Will, and To Keep Silent. Each corresponds to a different cardinal direction and element, becoming fundamental building blocks in the practice of magick:

To Know – Scio (Air) (East)

This principle emphasizes the necessity of knowledge in practicing magick. It’s not just about memorizing spells or rituals; it’s about deeply understanding the theories, principles, and philosophies underlying your chosen practices.

For instance, if you’re interested in candle magick, it’s not enough to know which color candle to use for a specific intent. You should also comprehend why a particular color is associated with a certain intent, the role of the elements in this practice, and the symbolism behind the act of lighting a candle.

The same principle applies to other practices such as divination. If you’re using tarot cards, you don’t merely memorize card meanings, but also study the rich symbolism in each card, the history and tradition of tarot, and the connection between tarot and other esoteric systems like astrology or numerology. This principle urges practitioners to be lifelong learners in their magickal journey.

To Dare – Audeo (Earth) (North)

This principle speaks to the boldness necessary in the practice of magick. Magick isn’t just about external manifestations, but also about profound personal transformation. The courage to confront your inner fears, insecurities, and deeply held beliefs is essential.

For example, let’s say you struggle with feelings of unworthiness, and these feelings are hindering your spellwork. The principle of To Dare might involve confronting these feelings head-on, perhaps through shadow work, a magickal practice aimed at healing and integrating the darker aspects of your psyche. This could involve meditative practices, journaling, or even guided rituals aimed at confronting and understanding these feelings.

Another example might be the willingness to challenge societal norms or popular beliefs. If you’re practicing in a culture or community that doesn’t widely accept witchcraft or magickal practices, daring might mean openly identifying as a witch or engaging in your practices even in the face of misunderstanding or criticism.

To Dare also means learning to control your ego. An example of this might be acknowledging when a spell doesn’t work as intended and having the humility to learn from the experience rather than blaming external factors. It might involve accepting that even as a practitioner of magick, you’re not omnipotent, and that’s okay.

In essence, To Dare urges witches to be brave and open in their magickal journey, confronting challenges head-on and always aiming for personal growth and improvement.

To Will – Exigo (Fire) (South)

This principle underlines the importance of passion, dedication, and concentration in the practice of magick. Magick isn’t just about whimsical wants, but about intentional and consistent action towards your deepest desires.

For example, if your goal is to bring love into your life, the principle of To Will might involve consistently practicing love spells, meditating on the nature of love, and focusing your energy on being open to love in all its forms. It’s about more than just wishing for love; it’s about fully committing yourself to the pursuit of love, both magickally and in practical ways.

Another example could be setting aside consistent time for your magickal practices. Regardless of how busy you might be, To Will emphasizes making your magick a priority, even if it means waking up early to perform a sunrise ritual or turning down social engagements to maintain your energy for an important spell.

To Will also involves taking responsibility for your magickal outcomes. For instance, if you cast a prosperity spell and find yourself with new job offers, it’s about recognizing your role in manifesting those opportunities and taking the necessary steps to take advantage of them. On the flip side, if a spell doesn’t yield the desired results, it’s about owning that outcome and using it as a learning opportunity to refine your magickal practices.

In a nutshell, To Will means to be deeply committed and focused in your magick, taking purposeful actions aligned with your magickal desires, and accepting responsibility for the outcomes of your magickal endeavours.

To Keep Silent Taceo (Water) (West)

This tenet highlights the significance of confidentiality and respect for your magickal practices. It implies the importance of refraining from flaunting or being irreverent towards your magickal workings.

For instance, suppose you performed a successful spell to improve your self-confidence. While it might be tempting to broadcast your success and the method you used to achieve it, the principle of To Keep Silent advises against it. By not revealing the exact details of your magickal work, you maintain the purity and integrity of your spell.

This principle also relates to treating your magickal practice with respect. If you treat your practices as a simple party trick or something to show off, it can dilute the potency of your magick. For example, if you share your spellcraft secrets casually with those who may not understand or respect the gravity of such knowledge, it could diminish the respect towards the craft and might even lessen its effectiveness.

Another aspect of To Keep Silent is about not discussing spells while they are in progress. This could be seen as a form of energetic leakage which could potentially weaken the spell’s impact. For instance, if you’re working on a long-term protection spell for your home, discussing it with others before it’s fully manifested might disrupt the energy you’re working to cultivate.

Ultimately, To Keep Silent reminds us that magick is a deeply personal and sacred practice, which requires respect and discretion for its full potential to be realized. It is a reminder of the sacredness of the craft and the importance of keeping certain aspects of our practice only to ourselves.

The Cone of Power

These principles come into play in a big way when you start working with the Cone of Power. Once you’ve understood and applied all the principles, you’re ready to energetically spin the pyramid, transforming it into a Cone of Power. This is a concentrated point of energy that you can direct towards your intended purpose or spell.

But using the Cone of Power isn’t just about sending out energy; you also need to be ready for its return. Energy sent into the world will eventually make its way back, and how you handle it can affect you and your surroundings. You need to fine-tune your practices, mastering your focus and discipline. You also need to consider the timing of your energy release, as this can make a difference in the power and effectiveness of your spell.

The return of energy is just as important. If you don’t handle it correctly, you might feel tired or even disrupt your environment. So, using the Cone of Power involves a balance of giving and receiving energy.

All in all, the Witch’s Pyramid gives a fundamental guide to magick practice. By understanding these principles and using the Cone of Power, you can effectively direct your intentions into the world. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the Witch’s Pyramid can help you on your magickal journey.

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