Tarot, an all purpose tool

Hello Traveller,

My tarot walk spans some 30 odd years now, and what a journey it has been. In my prior post I shared how tarot found me. When it did, I knew that it was a magical guide but I had no concept of all the places it would lead me or that it would beĀ  continuing to do so for the rest of my life.

What I once considered a prediction and self help tool has proven to be so much more. Over the years, I’ve foundĀ  that tarot can easily be a part of everything I do.

I use it in counseling and consultations to quickly get to the root of my client’s challenges. Once there, I use it to help my client and I come up with the best healing processes as well as the approximate amount of healing time they can expect.

When I’m having difficulty relating to someone, I use the tarot to better understand where they are coming from. I use the cards to probe into their personality type as well as any challenges they may be facing at the time. I only go deep enough to find some common ground and empathy. After all, I don’t want to invade their privacy any more than is necessary.

When it’s time for magick, tarot is by my side serving a number of purposes. Before I cast a spell I use it to find out if there’s any further information I wasn’t aware of about my target. At the same time, I check to find out what the collateral damage will be, in case I’m not willing to pay the cost. Then I use the cards to lay out my intent, work as my focus, and direct the power to where I want it to go.

Sometimes my motivation for writing wanes because I simply don’t feel inspired. In those times, I reach for one of my tarot decks and begin to lay our the cards, sometimes in patterns and sometimes in rows or columns. Once this process begins, it only takes a few moments for a story to form in my mind.

As an urban shaman, I see and communicate with spirits frequently. Most of the time, I understand what they’re revealing to me. However, every now and then, their message is incoherent. Tarot to the rescue once again. It easily bridges the communication gap by acting as a translator.

Astral travel is a necessary part of my purpose. In order to get to and from the places I need to go, I must use portals. Although I can create one from scratch, and often do, I found that each card of the tarot can act as a pre-made door.

This short list is only a sampling of the things I use tarot for. If I listed them all, this post would turn into a series of books. Save it to say, that the only limitations on the tarot and what can be done with it are the ones imposed upon it by the user.

I decided long ago not to set any parameters on its usage. In return, it continues to expand into all areas of my life, always surprising me with a new to me usage. The day tarot found me has proven to be one of the most significant ones in my life.

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