Too fast isn’t good for healing

Walking around a car boot sale today, I started thinking about how fast the technology has changed over the last 10 years, and how those changes have affected the expectations of the majority.  In order to please the new generation technology must be fast,fabulous and cutting edge. There’s simply no place for the slow or average.

And whilst this might be acceptable in the arena of gadgets, most people have applied this way of thinking straight across the board, even into the realm of healing.  Pills and operations are the answers to every kind of illness, from the common cold to cancer.  Seldom do they trust and allow intuition to guide their body’s natural healing capabilities to do get the job done.

This is why energy medicine doesn’t get the recognition it so richly deserves.  Sometimes its immediate effects are miraculous but more often than not, they are subtle and take time.  The trade off is that they can bring complete healing rather than the bandage effects common to traditional medicine.

Don’t get me wrong, pills and operations have their place.  However, they should be the exceptions rather than the norm.  Continuing to use the bandage approach is causing a separation from self  knowledge and inspiration. And if we who understand this fail to change the minds of the masses fairly soon, there’s a good chance that ignorance will destroy the wonders we have left.




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  1. Masterfully put, Paul! You’ve expressed what I have felt for a very long time, and shared with others, but not nearly as eloquently as you have here. Plus you put things well into perspective with a current cultural overview, then dipping down into a far deeper level, and finally concluding with projections into the future. Have you ever thought about being an English teacher? (Or History!!) Perhaps you’ve been there, done that! 😀 Anyway – I do so enjoy reading your posts. What a great team you and Lyn make! Despite the distance between us, I honestly feel that the two of you, and your family, could be my next-door neighbors – the very *best* kind – the kind you can talk with about anything, and trust implicitly. xx

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