Competition: Caption this tarot card & win tarot art print

EDIT 19th September:  I gave the job of choosing a winner to my teenage daughter.  She picked KATIE OMEN.  Thanks everyone for joining in the fun.  The real Knight of Pentacles has arrived so I can replace that card.  However, it will always be the Knight of Testicles to me (thanks for that Tina).

So, creating a tarot deck does have its ups and downs.  For example, the test deck you were so excited to receive has a card printed incorrectly.  In this case, it’s the Knight of Wands.  I’m waiting for a replacement card to come in the post but what to do in the meantime?

Run a competition to win a 10×8 art print of the Moon major arcana from the Wisdom of the Depths tarot, of course.

First, this is the print you could win.  It’s NOT the misprinted card…. you’ll have to keep scrolling to see that and learn how to enter the competition 🙂

An 8×10 art print of The Moon from the Wisdom of the Depths tarot.

If you’d like to enter the competition to win The Moon art print, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post with a caption for this Knight of Pentacles:

What advice would you get from this card? ???

Just to recap.

Leave a comment and caption the Knight of Pentacles card (it’s the crotch shot, not the Moon).

I’ll draw a winner at random on 15th September for a 8×10 art print of The Moon.  Open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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Good luck!!

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  1. The Knight of testicles, indicating strength & stubborness may be required to deal with a situation that is coming your way. Do not take or read instruction to help you to ?

    1. Take time out for a knee trembler was my first thought lol .
      How about your sexuality is your strength.Enjoy being you

  2. When you’re tired, and feel like giving up, keep striding forward. Maybe change your pace, slow down. You will get to where you need to be in time. No need to hurry..


  3. The Knight of Pentacles- sometimes it pays to be methodical and detail orientated…next time he’ll remember to pack the Speedos for the beach and not his old pants

  4. Not sure what the misprint is. In this image I saw the Knight of Pentacles as solid, supportive, balanced and mobile – so as a card it might signify resting comfortably on the solidness of your base, trusting in the foundations, but also be ready to stride forward with purpose and strength.

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