The beauty of protection

For many years, the thought of being protected by anyone other than myself was an alien concept.

From day one, my parents taught me my survival was solely my responsibility. This lesson was backed by the less than friendly neighbourhood I grew up in. If you couldn’t defend yourself, you quickly became a victim. I saw what happened to some of those gentle spirits, and I quickly decided I’d never be one.

Being your own designated protector makes you tired, jaded and more than a little paranoid. You can only have acquaintances, because you don’t trust anyone’s motives. Anything that takes away the pain, without entangling you with another soul, seems like a good idea. So, you find yourself in some truly humiliating predicaments.

One day I just got tired, not just a little tired, bone weary. I sat down on a kerb with a bottle of whisky so I could sink into oblivion for just a while. Out of nowhere a preacher appeared and sat down beside me.

He said I didn’t have to go it alone. There was someone that would be happy to walk beside me and help me set boundaries and protect myself. I would’ve sent him packing if he’d started talking surrender like other preachers I heard before. Surrendering is for the weak, but I wouldn’t mind having a partner.

That was how I first met the spirit called Jesus. He was the first ascended master I ever worked with. He taught me there are trustworthy people out there and how to find them.  He also taught me that I had to accept the protection of others so I wouldn’t be too tired to use my gifts.

In return, it is my duty and honour to protect others so they too have a chance at a balanced, peaceful life.

From that time, I’ve accepted the protection of the trustworthy and offered protection in return. And everyday, I’m still amazed at what a wonderful way it is to live.

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