Where there’s a will there’s a way

If you hear a door can come flying open almost immediately after you’ve set your intent, you better believe it. It happened to me 12 years ago.

My poisonous marriage was at last over. My wife, at the time, and I had finally shaken hands and agreed we were on separate paths and staying together was killing us both. I would stay in the house only long enough to find a reasonably priced apartment, then I’d gather up a few personal items and get out.

During that time, I’d met a special lady on line who was just beginning her divorce process as well. We shared so much in common, and we grew close in a short period of time. The only problem was, she lived
an ocean away, about 5500 miles away.

I wanted to be with her so bad, but money was near scant. I signed most of my possessions and cash over to my ex, since we agreed my three children would stay with her. In addition to the money scarcity, there were many other obstacles to get past, one of the toughest being the immigration board.

Focusing my intent, I put my nose to the grindstone, performed a powerful ritual to bring my entourage on board and physically worked myself to my limits. In addition, the lady did all she could from her end.

Even with all of that, I was able to immigrate to England by the skin of my teeth.

This is the story I relive every second of, when I need motivation to hurl myself against seemingly impossible odds.

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  1. Beautiful! Very similar to how I ended up in Belize. A reminder that intent can be powerful. Even if all the details are not clear, the universe knows better then the human.

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