Do you love our monsters?

It wasn’t long ago I read a most interesting article about an ancient shaman that  came to a large city so he could see first hand what was happening in urban areas. Unsurprisingly, what he saw hurt his heart and he wept.

When he was asked why, he replied, “I’ve never seen a place with so little love. I touched several buildings (a house, a hospital and a bar) and their spirits had never been loved or even acknowledged. Once they were created, they were abandoned. Although their outer husks have been frequented since their establishment, nothing has been done to connect with them.”

Somehow, in the busyness of my day, I lost the article. I hadn’t planned to mention it on my blog until I found it. However, the words echo through my mind over and over.

I know that big cities can be eye sores and that beautiful and sacred lands are often raped to create and give place to them. My heart grieves.

However, as a member of the human race, I’m responsible for the creation of these monsters. If I’m responsible for their genesis, am I not also responsible to love, connect and work in partnership wih them?

Whether these behomeths were created due to greed or need, they were created by us. It should also be remembered that the building materials come from the land, making land spirits an intrinsic part of each building’s spirit. When you hug a building, you’re hugging an old friend in a different form

As an urban dweller it’s imporant to love the rocks and the trees in their untouched forms such as you might find in parks. However, it’s equally important to love them just as much in their panelling and cement forms.

When you’re able to do this your vision will shift and you’ll find beauty everywhere, even in the concrete jungle.

Although I’m intrigued and amazed at the ingenuity of the human race, there’s many spirits I wish were never brought into existence. However, I believe there has to be acceptance.  It is what it is. I can spend my time spurning the younger spirits and become the cause of their dwelling grounds being sad and sinister places or I can work with them and attempt to bring unity and healing to them and all that dwell within them.

I sincerely believe I must love my monsters.

What do you believe traveller?

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.


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